Hardwood briquette for sale from Hungary

Our firm is offering good quality hardwood briquettes for sale.

Production technology: Screw type briquette press (Pini-kay). The briquette ends are not broken but cut by an automatic circular saw. This way the briquette individual length and weight can be held between narrow limits.

Basic properties:
Shape: hexagon

Diameter: 50 mm
Length: 250 mm
Density: 1,16 kg/dm3
Moisture: 6,6 m/m%
Analysis on wet basis:
Combustion heat value: 17 631 kJ/kg
Heating value: 15 816 kJ/kg
Ash content: 2,6 m/m%
Sulphur content: 0,04 m/m%
Carbon content: 41,23 m/m%
Hydrogen content: 7,58 m/m%
The values were determined by independent quality certification laboratory.
In the future different packing methods can be applied according to customer request.
Minimum order quantity: 24 MT (one truckload)
Price: 145 EUR/MT
Parity: FCA Hungary, Kiskunfelegyhaza
Payment mode: L/C, T/T in advance or Cash at loading
Mr. Gabor Baranyi
TiszaChem Ltd.
(corrispondenza anche in italiano é possibile)

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