Offerta Pellet dall’Estonia

The Estonian company Rapsoodia OU is interested in cooperation with you and offers an wood pellets for heating of private houses. Wood pellets (diameter of 8 mm and 6 mm) are packed in plastic bags of 15 kg. The 60 bags on pallets.

The our price from warehouse in Tallinn — 135 EUR/ tons.

Woods pellets are made from sawdust of coniferous trees without impurity and a bark.
We always maintain a large stock in Tallinn. Also is possible sale of wood pellets in packing of 1 tons (big-bag ) or 500 kg and the organisation of delivery to the buyer .

If you interested in doing business with us , we would like you to make us an inquiry with full details .
We hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours ,
Sergei Bogomolov
Sales manager of Rapsoodia OU

Reg Nr.11460101,
Tel +372 56 617 695 , Fax +372 6070148 ,
Vana-Narva mnt 24 , Tallinn , 74114 , Estonia

7 pensieri riguardo “Offerta Pellet dall’Estonia”

  1. Good afternoon, I’m Nicola di Tella, my company is based in Italy.
    I have interest in your pellet, can you kindly send me photos, prices and details of your commodity?

    Thank you for the collaboration
    Best regards

  2. CIF Napoli Port of Italy in Containers.We are ready to enter in business with your company and come to visit you in Estonia.Please send to me the specifications with european certificates and monthly quantity you are able to delivery.Greetings,
    Stefano Di Persio
    Kit Cottage Srl

  3. Please send me more info off your pellets
    shipping to Gotland Sweden and quallety of your pellets.

    Best reagards.
    Christian Grünerwald
    Gotland Sweden

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