Offerta Pellet dall’Estonia

The Estonian company Rapsoodia OU is interested in cooperation with you and offers an wood pellets for heating of private houses. Wood pellets (diameter of 8 mm and 6 mm) are packed in plastic bags of 15 kg. The 60 bags on pallets.

The our price from warehouse in Tallinn — 135 EUR/ tons.

Woods pellets are made from sawdust of coniferous trees without impurity and a bark.
We always maintain a large stock in Tallinn. Also is possible sale of wood pellets in packing of 1 tons (big-bag ) or 500 kg and the organisation of delivery to the buyer .

If you interested in doing business with us , we would like you to make us an inquiry with full details .
We hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours ,
Sergei Bogomolov
Sales manager of Rapsoodia OU

Reg Nr.11460101,
Tel +372 56 617 695 , Fax +372 6070148 ,
Vana-Narva mnt 24 , Tallinn , 74114 , Estonia